It's how you manage the job hunt.

Organize your job search by tracking leads and staying on top of the hunt.

Track your leads

See all of your potential jobs in one place and track their status

Stay on top of the hunt

Track the status

Keep track of the status of each application so you know what steps to take next. Clear out that list of 'prospects' by sending out some applications, or follow up on leads you haven't heard back about.

Set Reminders

You sent your application five days ago, and you still haven't heard back? Set a reminder so you can be proactive and show your future company you're a go-getter.

Keep Notes

Save the relevant details of the job posting, or start keeping a list of questions you'd like to ask the hiring manager. Keeping notes is a great way to get prepared for the interview.

Hunt on the go

Take your job hunt on the road and check your notes before you walk into the interview.

What are you waiting for?

It's how you manage the job hunt!